Now you too will have a “Fran” time, go tell your friends!!!

WOD – 9/9/10

21-15-9 reps for time of:
95 pound Thruster

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8 Replies to “Now you too will have a “Fran” time, go tell your friends!!!”

  1. A short poem dedicated to my favorite girl, FRAN!

    First you make me weak in the knees, then you hang me up to dry.
    You make me want to vomit, you make me curse, and you make me want to cry.
    You make my hands bleed, and you make my shoulder burn,
    But you taught me how to be tough through it all and that's pretty hard to learn!

    Much Love Always,

    7:10 (55#, green band)

  2. Jackie…GREAT poem, I heard that some poems make you cry, but that gives it a whole new meaning!!!

    Also…a HUGE shout out to the 6am crew!!!! You guys (and gals) ROCKED "Fran" and everyone has new PR's to prove it!! Especially Coach Pete who is just seconds away from a sub 3 min "Fran"!!!

  3. Well done today Jackie! Girl you definitely proved you were tough enough today!

    Thanks Rob! It was a GREAT morning!

    Drew…. your turn 😉

  4. Everyone did awesome today!

    Jackie: The vividness of that poem brings a slight tear to my eye and a pain in my hand. Thank you for that. Next time I would like to see a Haiku! I love your creativity though.

    That Fran is one tough……………… cookie!

    Thanks for the shout out Rob! Drew I know you can definitely beat me now. Fran tomorrow/???

  5. more poems to come… FOR SURE. thanks for kicking my ass today coach rob, coach deb and coach pete. way to look pretty coach drew 🙂

  6. Pete…almost 3 min? Unreal bro….i feel feeble just thinking about you kicking ass like that.

    Of course i scaled it to 65 lbs to try to keep it between 3-5 minutes. Was making myself nauseous trying to psyche myself up…lol
    Worst pull up bar in world at the firehouse but got it done…….3:56 (PR by 27 sec)

    Drew, i am reserving comment on your handsomness

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