John G Update


To my friends at CFR:

The box arrived a day before you know who came in.  I was more excited having the box.  It was a surprise.  A very nice one.  It just shows the true spirit of the CF world and our Box in particular.  It really is comforting to experience that true feeling of family.    Life here is a bit interesting.  As some have seen thru some pictures I sent out a few months ago, we have a small box.  A couple of level ones are here and they work with a few of us.  Lots of “Garage  box” types.  I usually Wod most mornings when things slow down.  I have been doing a mix of main-site/CFR and wods from our CRF Journal.  Doing pretty well (I think)  we will just have to see when I get back.  I have only seen John L once while here.  I work days (12-14 hour) and he works nights (about the same)  He is about 3 miles from where I am.
I am quite looking forward to coming home.  I am hoping to be back in time for the Regional’s (maybe/maybe not.  I may need to stay 3 extra weeks.  Replacement issues)  I am excited about seeing /Wodding with you all again.  I food items are great.  The shirts?  Well while I can only wear them in my room, they will be worn at CFR (I knew I was with some real CF’s when, during our intra gym completion, one of the guys groused (this doesn’t quite feel like a real CF workout because I have to keep my shirt on.  And the girls agreed) 
So again, thank you for all your kind messages (and I REALLY appreciate those X Os.  I will be more then willing to accept those in person. (Oh.  and um thanks Pete but…….)

John G


WOD – 5/8/12

Back Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.

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