January On-Ramp Starts TONIGHT at 7:30PM

The December 2011 On-Ramp Class (from left to right): Rory, Mike, Sean, and Bob.


WOD – 1/9/12

*Partner WOD*

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
Row 250m

* In this workout, Partner #1 will row 250 meters while Partner #2 performs as many squats as possible until Partner #1 finishes the row. Partners will then switch. As Partner #2 rows 250 meters, Partner #1 will pick up where Partner #2 left off on the squats. This rotation will continue until the 12 minutes expire. Both squat count and row meters are CONTINUOUS.

Score is the total number of meters rowed plus the total number of squats completed.

Post score to comments.