It’s True…..

Someone just got their first dead hang pull-up….WITHOUT THE BAND!!!

Congratulations Danni!!! Keep up the good work!!


WOD – 5/26/11

Snatch Balance

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9 Replies to “It’s True…..”

  1. My Dearest Rob… I was wondering if you still loved, but this week of WOD's proves that you really do! YOU REALLY DO! My butt cheeks are already thanking you for the past couple days of WODs you laid on me. I'm sure my quads will join my butt cheeks in thanking you tomorrow for today's WOD with all those lunges. And if all these thank you's weren't enough, a strength day tomorrow utilizing all of these muscles… AGAIN! If this isn't love, I don't know what love is… LOLOLOL

  2. Ehhhhhh Johnny! That whole post just sounds wrong! I mean I know what you meant but uhhhh can be totally misconstrewed! Hhahahaha

  3. So Johnny…..I know we used to be roommates and all back in the day, but I don't wanna know anymore about your butt cheeks now then I did back then!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  4. Hate to tell you this Rob, but all Johnny talked about this morning was his butt cheeks and you! LOL. But all that being said, Johnny did an awesome job this morning – he form was great! And kudos to Kathleen who finished the On-Ramp class last night and came in for her first WOD class this morning at 6am!! Well done girl 😀

  5. I can't believe she made it in so early. I'm proud of her. Drew introduced me today to the lacrosse ball which finally seemed to open up the mobility on my shoulder. I think tomorrows WOD is Cindy , I'm stoked!!!

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