It’s a GIRL!!!

Drew during Wednesday’s WOD and the top time might I add (must be the socks).


WOD – 11/12/10


5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

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  1. Hey!!! I decided to dump FB, HA!!! Figured I'd pop by here to see how you all are? And, when opening day is? =) Wishing you all the best! Much love, Suzanne

  2. Hey Suz!!!! Where have you been hiding?? I can't believe you left FB…how will one survive…hahaha!!! Things are coming along GREAT!!! CrossFit Rockland will officially open on MONDAY!!!! WooHoo!!! I hope you and Ray will have a chance to stop by!!

  3. Hey Rob =) I will definitely pop by tomorrow!!! Ray will be working all day, so he'll have to wait for next weekend. I've been CRAZY busy finishing up our house ($125,000 later!!!). I am over the fact that we got royaly screwed, yay, and I cannot believe we are finally at the finish line, sigh… Been hustling since June!!! Anyway, FB was too much of a time eater. I'll be back in due time =) We're actually doing a team comp with Harlem for New Year's so I'll probably come back then. Anyway, I am so happy and proud of you guys!!! Mazeltov!!! I wish you the best!!! I'll see you tomorrow… XO!!!

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