Introducing the “Suck-Less Clinic”

Ray Traitz


As Coaches we frequently hear, “I wish rowing would SUCK LESS” or “I wish I SUCKED LESS at……(Insert Movement Here)” and we get it, heck, we ALL have our goats. So here is your chance to DO something about it!!

Introducing the “Suck-Less Clinic”…….

The “Suck-Less Clinic” will be a series of clinics put together by local CrossFit Elite Competitor & Firebreather Ray Traitz! These clinics will be designed to show you some skills, drills, tips, and tricks behind many of the more complicated movements we come across in CrossFit.

The best part is we are going to let YOU dictate what “Suck-Less Clinics” you wanna see, so let us know! However, with that being said, the first “Suck-Less Clinic” was a no brainer as MANY of you have been coming to us asking about the Olympic Lifts. So we will start with…..

“Suck-Less Clinic” – The Clean & Jerk

When: August 20th, 2011
Time: 10AM-3PM
Cost: $30

This will be a 2 hour session before lunch dedicated entirely to the Clean, followed by a 1 hour Lunch, then another 2 hour session dedicated entirely to the Jerk. There will be an optional WOD at lunch, and possible social gathering after (you know how we roll).

Spaces are limited, so please reserve your spot with any of the Coaches at CFR.


WOD – 8/1/11

Six rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
25 Burpees

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