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The CrossFit Hoboken Pump & Run organizers just informed us that due to reasons beyond their control (local government), the event was being moved from 12:00PM to 8:00AM. With that being said, we would have had to cancel not only the 10AM class, but all classes. Now we promised that every Saturday for the next 5 weeks we would be doing the same WODs that HQ has programmed for the 2011 CrossFit Games Open and by golly, that’s what we are gonna stick to. Therefore, we will not be going down to Hoboken for the event and all classes are back on!!!

If you were planning on attending the event, you still can, registration doesn’t close till Friday. Just make sure you check their site for the new details.


While we are at it, I figured I might as well re-post yesterday’s post regarding our new schedule. Here it is….


After speaking with many of you, one thing became very clear….the current afternoon class schedule was making it difficult for almost everyone. For the teachers, they can barely make the 4. For our corporate america folks who get out at 5, they have the 6 as their only option, and for the “got stuck at work” crowd, they miss out completely!! SOOOOO…….here is what we are going to do……

Starting April 4th (next Monday), the entire afternoon schedule will be pushed back by a half hour!!! This will allow our teachers to make the 4:30, our corporate folks to make the 5:30 or the 6:30 (yes, options), and our late crowd can make the 6:30…now if your boss makes you stay later, just pick him/her up over your head and do overhead squats till they let you leave or you get fired! The morning classes will remain unaffected….I know, I know…we are awesome right 🙂


WOD – 3/30/11

Back Squat

Post weight(s) used for each of the seven attempts to comments.

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