The Friday night 5pm crew…I am not sure where all the fellas are at, but we might start dubbing this class “Ladies Night”! Nice job girls!!!


Now I am not totally sure, but was that an “ugh” I heard from some of our CFR peeps this week…hahaha! I know it has been one of those weeks…you know…the type that makes you think we don’t love you, but alas…I am here to show you we DO!

I want everyone to add Dixie Cups to their food shopping list. I mean the good old fashion kind made of that waxy paper stuff. You can probably find a pack of 100 for about $1.99. Once you get them, take about 1 or 2 cups and fill them with water. Carefully place them in the freezer (note: away from where your spouse might knock it over when grabbing the coconut ice cream) and let it sit overnight. Open up the freezer then next day and POOF a magical healing tool you have made!

It is totally true that 5 minutes of direct ice contact is equal to about 20 minutes with that frozen bag of peas! So all you need to do is just peel away the paper portion so you get a nice open chunk of ice and massage away. Just make sure you leave enough of the paper portion intact to hold on to and then peel away more as needed. Now it is NOT going to feel so “cool” (no pun intended) when you first start this, but stick with it for the full 5 minutes. Ice massages allow for a better penetration of the cooling effects of ice therapy and also uses the effects of massage to mobilize the soft tissue. When applied to superficial muscles, it can help to decrease inflammation and to reduce pain.

So there you have it….a simple way to help your body recover when it is feeling just a wee bit cranky!


I know it’s been echoing in your head since you read the title and I would hate to disappoint! Just don’t hate me if your singing it at the bar tonight….


Don’t forget our 1st Annual CrossFit Rockland Holiday Social is set for Friday, December 17th 2010!!


WOD – 12/4/10

3 rounds for time of:
250m Row
21 L-sit Pull-ups

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