Hump Day “Helen”

It all begins with proper instruction….ALWAYS!!


WOD – 10/12/11

Take 15 minutes to complete the following:
5 Back squats at 65% of your 1RM
5 Back squats at 75% of your 1RM
5 Back squats at 85% of your 1RM



Three rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell swings (53#/35#)
12 Pull-ups

Post results to comments.

4 Replies to “Hump Day “Helen””

  1. Shout out to Mando in the 9:30 class with a 10:06 Helen taking 2nd place on the wall of fame! YEAH MANDO!0 (internet high five)

  2. Thanks bud, I owe it all to you and Suz. I was aiming for low 12s but you guys believe in me which push me to get a 10:06. Also John and Suz set an amazing pace. Awesome energy this morning! I love my 9:30 crew! Lol

  3. HOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY!!! I'm so so SO proud of you SBP 😉 And that 10:06 was after "bottom-to-Bottom Tabata Squats" and HEAVY A-S back squats!!! HECK YEAH!!! You've grown in leaps in bounds in your short journey of CrossFit. You are both a pleasure to coach and one of the NICEST people I know, and a great friend, so I'm thankful to you too. It's people like you who help make our community the beautiful place it is.

    Oh, and, what about our 2 obstacles, HA! The car and Johnny G!!! Hey John, if you're out there, it's all your fault, and the truck, that our times aren't like 30 plus seconds faster, HA!!! We love you John!!! You KILLED it today!!! You definitely would have made the wall of fame =( Next time!!! I love my 9:30 crew and Coach Drew, YAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  4. John was doing 15 pullups. A pure beast! Coach Suz like usual was a sick inspiration with 21 tabata squats per round and 200 pound back squats for 10. All I remember Coach Drew telling me was don't drop that kb until your arms fall off lol.
    Today was fun but everyday is at 930 lol

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