GORUCK Anyone?


GORUCK Challenge
Friday, June 7th at 9PM

Okay…so maybe after watching that video your like “yeah Rob, GORUCK yourself”, but if doing CrossFit has taught us anything, we have learned that we are capable of anything we set our minds to! So I say….LET’S DO IT!!!

go·ruck [verb go + verb ruck] noun ruck is short for rucksack (aka backpack), it’s also a verb: to ruck is to move with a rucksack, and implies action, energy, and purpose.

What is the GORUCK Challenge?
An 8-10 hour, 15-20 mile guided tour led by a Special Operations Cadre, designed to turn 30 individuals into a team. Everything your friends told you about good livin’ is probably true.

Are there lessons in leadership?
Yes. The Challenge is, among other things, a series of missions patterned after our Cadre’s military experience. Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded. Several West Point graduates have told us that the GORUCK Challenge was the best leadership training they ever had.

What do I earn when I finish?
The GORUCK Tough Patch, which is not and never will be for sale. GORUCK Tough (GRT) is a family, and you join it.

What’s the point?
GORUCK bridges the gap between all walks of life: military/non-military, men/women, young/old – and the Challenge is a positive extension of this. It’s about teaching people what a team feels like, how it operates together, and why camaraderie in Special Forces is so high. In our estimation, people are good, and capable of much more when they work together, for each other. The Challenge is proof, but this happens only by pushing individuals beyond their limits. Our Cadre’s focus is to build a team while ensuring that those who earn the Tough Patch know that they’ve accomplished something significant, and that they could not have done it alone. Despite the difficulty, we’re proud that the pass rate is over 94%.

Are you in?
Marisol has worked out quite an awesome deal with GORUCK for CrossFit Rockland! Here are the details…

‘Tis the Season Buddy Pass Special:
Now through the end of 2012, when you register for the GORUCK Challenge, you get to bring a friend for free. Happy Holidays and all that good stuff from us. This will end on December 31, 2012. Please write on the board if you are going to sign up so we can get you a partner and you can split up the cost between you and a partner.  You do not need to sign up for the June 7, 2013 challenge.  If you are interested in an alternate date, please write down on the board what date you are signing up for.

CrossFit Rockland also has a discount price so please enter “CFRockland” for $20 off.

The offer expires SOON, so please do not wait!!!


The Whole30 Challenge v4.0
January 2nd – January 31st

Time to empty out those cupboards and lock away the ice cream….The Whole30 Challenge v4.0 is about to BEGIN!!! You’ve heard us talk about it, you’ve heard those who have participated in earlier challenges talk about it, and now it is YOUR chance!!

If you have ever wondered what eating perfectly clean for 30 days could do for your body?  Wished you had a support community to help you break your habits and win some cool prizes for getting healthier, then here is your opportunity!  Oh yeah, and did I mention you’ll look damn sexy too???

Sign up has started for The Whole30 Challenge v4.0 at CrossFit Rockland! So here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Grab $20 ($50 for non-members) and sign-up at the box
  • Have “pre-photos” taken 12/26 thru 12/31
  • Weigh-in 12/26 thru 12/31
  • Participate in the “pre” benchmark WODs

Only the photos will be required for prize eligibility. All the other info will just be cool to know when we do the “post” 🙂

More details can be found HERE and we will also go over them at the Whole30 Q&A on 12/29!


Holiday Hours:

12/31 – 9:30AM & 10:30AM
1/1 – CLOSED


WOD – 12/28/12


For time:
150 Wallballs (20#/14#)

Post time to comments.

Compare to 9/6/11.