Good Times!!!

What would the Nyack Street Fair be without stopping by Casa for some NorCal Margaritas!!!


CFR Ladies Night this Friday!! Contact Coach Deb for Details!


WOD – 7/19/11

Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

Post time to comments.

Compare to 1/15/11.

5 Replies to “Good Times!!!”

  1. I'm with Steve O =) I was thinkin' the very same thing. Guys don't look so bad either 😉 Heck, CFR's just one F-I-N-E lookin' crew!

  2. CFR needs to use that picture in its advertising. That will bring in a bunch of males to join.

    But it looks kind of like a middle school dance. You remember……Girls all sitting/standing together on one side of the gym. Guys all on the other side just waiting trying to look cool so all the girls see them!

    Almost done uo here in Mass. Some good hikes with the rucksack and my friend the bricks in the bag. See you thursday.

  3. OMG John, so true, hahahahaha! How stunning are Deb's nieces! 16 and 13! I don't remember 16 and 13 year olds being THAT beautiful… Ah, maybe it was just the horrible 80's style I rocked, 101!!!

    At Shaun, love the shirt even more now that I know what the back reads =) Prior, I wasn't quite sure. Btw, now that you're out of your shell you're hilarious!!! Looking forward to incorporating the Mrs. =)

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