Good Positioning Is EVERYTHING!!!

Knees over toes, hips below parallel, chest up, elbows high…..Nice Front Squat Debbie!! 


Sign up has started for The 2011 Whole30 Challenge v2.0 at CrossFit Rockland! If you haven’t done so already here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Grab $20 and sign-up at the box to get your Whole30 Packet
  • Have “pre-photos” taken at the box TODAY (9/29) or TOMORROW (9/30)
  • Weigh-in at the box TODAY (9/29) or TOMORROW (9/30)
  • Participate in the “pre” benchmark WOD TOMORROW (9/30)

* Only the photos will be required for prize eligibility.

Additional details can be found HERE and we will also go over them at our CFR Happy Hour TOMORROW (9/30)……so come and grab a beer!!


WOD – 9/29/11


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