Godspeed Sarge

The 1st annual “Over The Seas” competition was a tremendous success and such a fun experience! The results are not in yet from CFSH, but regardless of the scores, we can honestly say that we are so proud of everyone! It is awesome what we are able to do when we all come together. Thank you everyone for the delicious food, drinks and your overall participation in this special day!

As some of you already knew, Sunday we announced that our coach and close friend Lindy, will be leaving today for another tour in Afghanistan. We wish him a safe and quick return back home. Until then we will make sure both Kate and “Little Lindy” are in good hands and totally taken care of 🙂

You will be in our thoughts EVERY Guinness until your return….Godspeed brother….

Workout of the Day
2010 Northwest Regional – Event 1

Three rounds for time of:
10 Overhead squats (135#/95#)
50 Double-unders

Competitors Class
Max load farmers carry (100ft) – 5 attempts
*This will be a 100ft carry with turnaround at 50ft.

Partner strength ladder (up to 7) – Hang power cleans
*Use 60-70% of 1RM power clean. All sets must be unbroken.

For time:
100 alternating dumbbell snatches (45#/25#)

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