“GI Jane”

“GI Jane” done by the ORIGINAL CrossFit Firebreather…..Greg Amundson!


Don’t forget….CFR HAPPY HOUR this Friday at 7:30PM!!!!


WOD – 6/30/11

“GI Jane”

For time:
100 Burpee pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 1/7/11.

8 Replies to ““GI Jane””

  1. Hey Johnny, I hate to tell ya, but this WOD in particular is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE DIFFICULT for us "vertically-challenged" folk. Oh, what's that, I'm sorry, you didn't realize you fall into that category 😉 Love ya!!! Hey, no joke, this is "RX-times-2" for us, HA!!!

  2. Seriously – if I could jump up and catch the bar, well, I'd be tall. So translated into Staci Language, this workout would be:

    100 burpees
    100 box step ups
    100 pull ups
    100 box step downs

  3. ACTUALLY Suz…….We let Johnny use the shorter part of the rig that the ladies (Deb and G) were using, while Pete and I took the high route! EQUAL in my book, but I think it would be pretty funny to see it done in HEELS! Especially Johnny! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    GET SOME!!!!

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