Ghee vs Clarified Butter


Leave it up to BUTTER, to be the HOT topic of the Whole30…lol! There have been a few questions around what the differences were between “Ghee” and “Clarified Butter”, so I figured I would help shed some light on the situation.

Simply put, Ghee and clarified butter are very similar. In fact, Ghee is actually a class of clarified butter since there are many varieties of clarified butter. Essentially in the western world, Ghee is synonymous with clarified butter, but Ghee is actually an Indian term with southeast Asia origins. While clarified butter can actually come from any type of butterfat, Ghee (by Indian tradition), comes from the butter made from water buffalo’s milk. Ghee is also heated longer until the milk solids brown which gives a richer and smokier flavor.

The best part about Ghee is that you can find it in health food stores and most do not need to be refrigerated since the milk solids have been removed. Clarified butter on the other hand needs to be made at home. Here is a nifty video to show you how, but remember ONLY use butter which comes from grass fed or “pastured” cows, which were not given hormones or antibiotics.

I also suggest reading The Butter Manifesto by Whole9. Enjoy!


WOD – 1/4/13

Five rounds for time of:
7 Push press (115#/80#)
21 Box jumps (24”/20”)
7 Hang power cleans (115#/80#)

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