Don’t be that guy…..

Nobody likes a MESSY CrossFitter!


Okay…posts like this one are NO FUN, but after Monday’s OPEN GYM experience turned into an EPIC FAIL, it must be done and although it is my name that appears after this post, I can assure you it comes from the ALL of us!

Let’s begin with…..

Housekeeping 101

#1 The sinks are to be used for washing your hands!

Running into the bathroom after you just finished “Murph” and taking a shower in the sink is NOT COOL! We have gone through great lengths to provide not one, but TWO showers which you can use. Sure we understand that after doing “Murph” you feel like you are going to die, we get it, but drowning yourself in our sink is not going to help you! Besides we don’t have a life guard on duty. So either take a nice cold shower or go OUTSIDE and poor water on your head….please!

#2 Chalk is to be used sparingly!

I don’t know what happened, but somewhere along the line it has translated that the more chalk one has on their hands the better they will be at pull-ups! If you would like to get better at pull-ups, do more pull-ups! Powdering your hands like your LeBron James is NOT going to make them any easier! We were cleaning chalk for HOURS yesterday! As a result, you will only be allowed to use chalk on your hands after you have attended “Chalking Your Hands 101” with Coach Drew. Till then….no chalk!

#3 Chalk Marks are no longer allowed!

Keeping track of your reps & rounds during a WOD is indeed a problem. “Was that 6 or 7…..CRAP”, yeah we get that too, and using chalk was a fantastic idea and still is, but unfortunately it was abused! After a day, I can tell you nearly everyone who was at the box by looking at the ground! Again….NOT COOL! Just wet a paper towel and clean up your marks. In a fit of rage, most of the chalk was thrown out, but maybe when we see kindergarten is no longer in session, we will bring it back. Sorry…blame the cool kids!

#4 Clean up your sloppy mess!

Please clean up the sloppy wet mess you left on the floor. Yes, your sweat angel is funny and you probably have posted five just like it on Facebook, but now it is time to get some paper towels and wipe it away….pretty, pretty please….remember we ALL roll around on that floor too….YUM!

On a whole…you know we LOVE you guys (even the messy ones), but we do have RULES and although we let you do FAR more than any Health Club would ever tolerate, we do need your help in keeping the box a place where EVERYONE wants to be and have FUN! We promise to keep beer in the fridge so long as you promise to keep working with us to make CFR a better place!



WOD – 7/6/11

“Squat Cluster”

Complete 25 reps for time of:
Back squat @ 85-90% of 1 RM

*Perform as many reps as possible, usually done in 1-3 reps, rack the bar and rest no longer than 30 seconds between efforts. Keep going until you complete 25 total reps.

*If you rest longer than 30 seconds between efforts, count a penalty. Perform 5 burpees for every penalty. Penalties are assessed at the end of the workout.

Post time, weight used and number of penalties to comments.

10 Replies to “Don’t be that guy…..”

  1. hey…. thats my sweaty mess, but I cleaned it up. hahaha are you calling me a sweaty mess?

  2. Oops. sorry about the counting marks in the corner(my name was on it)

    @ Nick. remember to ask the MD to check c-reactive proteinand homocystine. they normally will do high density lipoproteins(HDL),low density lipoprteins(LDL),very low density lipoproteins(VLDL), total cholesterol and triglycerides.

  3. Coach Rob, thank you, and beautifully put! As a coach, although not an owner, I feel and treat CFR like "MY OWN." When I walked in on Monday I was truly disheartened, and ANGRY, along with some other CR-P, lol, but I could not believe what I saw. Unfortunately, it was nothing short of a DEBACLE =( Oh, and, guys, I love ya's, lol, but I DON'T LOVE sweaty hugs so please restrain 😉

    At Sarena, uh, YAY for you?

  4. Great WOD and lots of fun. Good work all. I should've gone heavier but have no clue what Ray has in store for me tomorrow so went with conservative. And Drew thought I should use 125. Did it super fast!
    Used #133 with no penalties. Then I went for a 1RM….

  5. @Suz, I completely understand how you feel as you let me have it on Tuesday. Fun times lol

  6. OH NOOOOOOOOOO, Armando =( I'm sorry… S-IT, you'd know if I let you have it, lol!!! I hope you know you're still one of my FAV'S, and I absolutely ADORE our entire 9:30 a.m. crew, and of course my 10:30's. Gotta admit it was a bloody mess though Dude, lol!!! I could tell you felt badly, and I know your intention, and all the other culprits intentions, were not to piss anyone off. We LOVE our members!!! I speak for our staff, we ALL feel truly blessed. Good times is right, and on that note….


  7. Your EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP!!!!! Chant is awesome. You need to copyright it lol….but yeah it got crazy on Monday. It was 9 of us doing "Murph" and I will admit it was a zoo in the box There was chalk everywhere and sweat puddles up and down the box. On my end it was 69.10 minutes of pure hell. I apologize for the entire crew who did "Murph" on July 4th but I feel as if our intentions was not to make a mess but to plainly kill the WOD in honor of Murph. Suz you know that the entire 930 crew loves you including me. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddddddddddddddddddddddddddddy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Armando…no worries…sh*t happens! It is called WOD Drunk…hahaha!!!

    It doesn't change the love brother…..not one bit!

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