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Strong is the new skinny!!


Looking for a quick read on what this whole “paleo thing” is all about? Or maybe you are looking for a simple way to explain to your friends & family why you are the “picky eater” in the bunch. Either way, I came across a great little piece the other day written by Mark Sisson  (Author of the “Primal Blue Print”) which I think you should give a glance.

At first, I actually overlooked it as a “well duh”, but as I continued to read I quickly realized that this was a very simple way to explain to others the big reason behind your paleo ways. Granted this article only focuses on the grain portion of the argument, but hey ya gotta start somewhere.

Check out…..

How Agriculture Ruined Your Health written by Mark Sisson


WOD – 12/5/11

Three rounds, each for time of:
Row 2000 meters
Row 1000 meters
Row 500 meters

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post time for each round to comments.