Death by…….

This one’s for you….Drew!!


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WOD – 2/3/11

Death by Power Clean”

With a continuously running clock do one power clean the first minute, two power cleans the second minute, three power cleans the third minute…continuing as long as you are able. 

*Use 55% – 65% of 1 RM Power Clean

Post weight used and number of minutes completed to comments.

3 Replies to “Death by…….”

  1. Death by PowerCleans
    12 rounds with 100 lbs. never would have made 13 rnds but should have tried anyway….lost

  2. Welcome back Steve-O!!!!

    I know you have been through a lot lately, but just know you are and always will be part of the CFR family! If you need anything…we are here for you brother!!!

  3. thanks Rob…you gave me a WOD today that did not require too much thinking. "I pick things up and i put them DOWN."

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