CrossFit Rockland Kids Starts Next Week!

Your teens could be hitting PRs too!!!


CrossFit Rockland Kids

Just a reminder…..CrossFit Rockland Kids will launch NEXT WEEK!!! Starting Tuesday, April 10th your kids will be able to get their WOD on too!!

We will launch CrossFit Rockland Kids with Two Programs.

  • Kids (ages 5-12)
  • Teens (ages 12-18)

The Kids class will run every Tuesday from 5:30PM-6PM. Yes, this does mean that on Tuesdays ONLY, the adult classes will move back a half hour to 6PM & 7PM with no more 7:30PM class.

The Teens class will run every Tuesday & Thursday at 3:30PM and every Saturday at 11AM.

If you would like additional details on our new CrossFit Rockland Kids Program or to find out how to get your kids involved please contact Coach Deb at (


WOD – 4/4/12

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Thruster 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

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