Bon Voyage!!!

Paradise here we come!!! 


Ahhh….the bags are all packed and the sunglasses are ready!! Coach Pete and I will be going away on a little vacation to the Caribbean starting tomorrow…no it’s not a bromance trip, we are bringing the women along too…HAHA!!

Have no fear, all of your programming has been done in advance to make sure your WODs are FULL of SUCK just like always! Just remember each time you think of taking a break during the WOD or ending the insanity, your good ol’ pals Rob & Pete are rooting for you from our lounge chairs with our Margaritas in hand 🙂



WOD – 3/3/11

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
3 Rope ascents
6 Squat cleans (135#/95#)
9 Ring dips

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2 Replies to “Bon Voyage!!!”

  1. Had my "A-DOUBBLE-S" handed to me today. Only my 2nd time on the ropes EVER in this lidetime, lol, so I'm proud to have gotten 3 consecutive ascents up the rope, reachimng my 3 month goal in 5 weeks, yay =)

    2 rounds+1 rope climb/went for 3 full rounds (17:54) which included some intermissions from "Coach Drew" on ascending the "DEVIL," I mean rope, most proficiently…

  2. Nice work SUZ!!

    I bet it feels good to get those goals DONE!!! Now get up there and add a NEW one 🙂

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