“Bear Complex”

Mr. Polar having a post WOD moment after the “Bear Complex”.


The “Bear Complex” workout is one of the few WODs that actually has a list of rules. This list would be a “bear” for me to type out and they are rather “complex” (I crack myself up). So I figured it would be easier just to show you this awesome video CF HQ put together a while back for this very purpose!


The CFR “Sweaty Sweetheart” week long event begins next week!!! Starting this Valentines Day bring your spouse, domestic partner, BF/GF, “Friend(s) with Benefits”, or whatever you crazy kids are calling it these days, to CrossFit Rockland and let them WOD along side you so you can show them what CrossFit is all about….Now that’s LOVE!!!


WOD – 2/11/11

“Bear Complex”

7 sets of the following sequence:
    Power clean
    Front squat
    Push press
    Back squat
    Push press
5 Rounds

Rest as needed between rounds.

In this workout you will increase the weight each round, going for a max load in the final round. There is no time component and you can rest anywhere, at anytime, except on the ground (even to re-grip).

Post weights used for each of the 5 rounds to comments.

4 Replies to ““Bear Complex””

  1. Thanks for the WOD guys. Definitely a great 6am workout. –
    My numbers – 65-70-75-80-85….
    form over weight – is my new motto – Mostly because – Rob won't let me forget! –

  2. Great job today Jacob! You can't get enough of us huh?

    and yes form over weight it right! Elite in your head is different from reality right now!! hahaha But keep thinking positively and have goals that you want to reach and there's no doubt you will!

  3. Another great 10:30 class….some of you are just missing out a little on our fun.
    Great job Juli….that last set showed that enormous heart of yours.

    Bear Complex 65, 75, 85, 100, 120

  4. Steve O, HA!!!! You listened to me 😉 Told ya, lol!!! Love the 10:30 class but I still think the 9:30 class has some "KOOL-KIDS" in it too, yay!!!

    Awesome WOD today!!! Done ALONE of course =( Think I could have gone even heavier but still psyched!!!

    65#, 65# (meant to go up in weight round 2), 75#, 85#, 95# PR =)

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