Barbells For Boobs – Amazing Grace 2011


All the details have been worked out for the Barbells for Boobs fund-raiser this year! As mentioned earlier, we’re teaming up with CrossFit Westchester who will be hosting the event at their facility on Saturday October 22nd at 11AM. This is an amazing fund-raiser which aims to bring Breast Cancer awareness and support the Mammograms in Action organization. The workout will be the classic CrossFit WOD “Grace” and there will be a little paleo gathering afterwards!

If you are interested in participating please make sure you register ASAP using the following instructions:

1) Click HERE or go to and scroll down the page to the Affiliate Leaderboard.

2) Search for CrossFit Westchester and click on the link to register.

3) The fee is $35 (all donation) and you get a t-shirt on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

CrossFit Rockland, CrossFit Westchester and CrossFit Portchester will all be in attendance so we are hoping for a great turnout and a kick a** time!

If you have any questions just contact me at


WOD – 10/14/11

Muscle Snatch

Power Snatch

Squat Snatch

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