“Backwards Fran”

Was there a CrossFit Rockland Hoodie underneath YOUR tree this year?


Don’t blame Santa (or Chanukah Harry), he couldn’t help how FAST they SOLD OUT! But have no fear, we are looking to place an additional order of CFR Hoodies ASAP. Send Pete an email with the words “Get Me A Hoodie B*tch” in the title and give him your size 🙂

Oh yeah….his email is Pete@crossfitrockland.com


The other day I asked myself……What would happen if we reversed the rep scheme on some of the classic WODs like “Fran”? Would it suck LESS or MORE? Anyone who has done “Fran” before knows how uncomfortable she makes you feel, but it is all down hill after that set of 21. What happens when that set of 21 is what you have to look forward to? Hmmmm…..

Welcome to “The CFR Lab”! It will help to have your previous “Fran” time handy before you do this WOD. But if you don’t, no worries, I will get that information soon enough…HINT, HINT!!

Post your “Fran” & “Backwards Fran” times to comments along with your thoughts on which is worse!


Holiday Hours:

12/31 – 9AM & 10AM
1/1 – CLOSED
1/2 – NO 6AM CLASS


WOD – 12/29/11

9-15-21 reps for time of:
Thrusters (95#/65#)

Post time to comments.

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