A Fresh Start……

The Tug Of War with yourself is OVER….time to set some GOALS!!


2011 has come and gone and we would like to thank ALL of you for helping to make CrossFit Rockland the LARGEST and BEST CrossFit Affiliate in Rockland County! We could not have gotten where we are without YOU! The friends we have made and relationships we have built we hope will last forever. True we are getting all sappy on you folks, but you guys ROCK and we want you to know that!

Now 2012 we can promise is gonna be BAD A**!!!! I don’t want to spoil it all just yet, but throughout the course of this year, we have a TON of new things going on. Some of these include hosting the 2012 CrossFit Open (starting Feb 22nd), offering specialized clinics in running, olympic lifting, and strongman which will ONLY be offered at CFR. There will be a few get togethers and throwdowns with some of our local CF Affiliate friends AND we have BIG plans for your youngsters……patience….all in good time…

Granted this is all based on the assumption that the world doesn’t come to an end in 2012! BUT we got you covered there too! Zombie Readiness will continue in full effect!!!

Stay tuned to the CrossFit Rockland site or Facebook for upcoming events!!


WOD – 1/2/12


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Post time for each of five rounds to comments.

Compare to 2/17/11.

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