CrossFit Endurance

cfe-logoHave you ever wanted to check some items off the old bucket list and run a marathon, triathlon or 5K? Maybe you are already an endurance junky and are looking for that competitive edge? Or how bout just sucking less at running PERIOD!! Well CrossFit Rockland might have what you are looking for!

Our CrossFit Endurance program implements methods from current research based training, some traditional methods and of course CrossFit! Geared toward improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential, the CrossFit Endurance program is unlike long, slow distance (LSD) training. We eliminate unnecessary volume (junk miles) and increase the intensity of the training sessions. All done along side skill and technique focused sessions to help you move more efficiently.


CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids program is focused on providing age-appropriate fitness and strength and conditioning to kids and teens of all levels and abilities. The success we’ve seen with this program has been far-reaching, including improved overall fitness, performance on the athletic field, as well as increased self-confidence.

CrossFit Teens

Our CrossFit Teen program is a program for students in grades 8-12. Classes follow a progressive resistance training program and conditioning section in each session. There is a daily focus on proper techniques used throughout the sessions to maximize performance and safety. All levels of ability are welcome.

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