Getting Started

We understand you’re curious so here’s what to do next…

1. Join us for a FREE 1 hour intro class.

All are welcome, no matter your experience or fitness level. This will give us a baseline assessment of your capabilities and what we must improve. To schedule your FREE class, email us at

2. Once you have decided that you want to join us, we require you to participate in our Kickstart program.

The Kickstart program is an opportunity for new athletes to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in a personalized setting. Athletes will graduate the Kickstart program with a basic understanding of the CrossFit methodology including the fundamental movements, proper warm-ups and cool-downs, nutrition and mobility.

The Kickstart program is required for everyone interested in training at CrossFit Rockland and consists of three sessions. Each of these sessions are scheduled during times that work for both you and your coach.

Cost of the Kickstart program is $199.
1st month is free upon membership sign-up ($169 value).

3. Once you complete the Kickstart program you are ready to join any of our classes that work into your schedule.

No need to worry about your fitness level as each workout will be customized based on your abilities.

Fill out our Start Here form located to the right orĀ give us a call: 845-680-6688