About Us


At CrossFit Rockland you will not find fancy machines and shiny mirrors, instead you will find an open space filled with a unique group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to making a change from the “traditional” gym routine.

Our bodies can be used for so many amazing things, all of which can be achieved through using a functional fitness program modeled after everyday life. Sure it might seem extreme at times, but we can assure you…it’s functional! As part of our community, we will actively coach you to use your body the way nature intended.

To us, fitness is as important at home when unloading the groceries or shoveling your driveway (got to love the east coast) as it is on the football field. The needs of elite athletes and professional soccer moms differ only by degree, not kind! This means our bodies all need the same types of things, but to different levels. This type of fitness should be available to everyone. At CrossFit Rockland we give every person the access to quality coaching to express the immense athletic potential which lies within! Everyone at CrossFit Rockland is considered an athlete…yes, this means YOU!

CrossFit Rockland provides this quality coaching to the general population with the sole aim of improving our athlete’s fitness and mental well-being. Our definition of fitness is broad and inclusive, covering the ten recognized fitness criteria; cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, skill, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.

Our highly intense, constantly varied methods are totally functional and deliver an improvement in fitness quickly! We have all heard the “routine is the enemy” skit, but CrossFit gives this a whole new meaning! Workouts can be long or short; can involve weightlifting, gymnastics, running, jumping, rowing or any darn combination we can think of! We would swim too if we only had a pool!

When you train for real fitness, all the other health markers such as body fat and muscle mass, blood pressure and cholesterol will just fall into place. Our view is that health and fitness are the same thing. We typically achieve superior results with a “side benefit” vs side effect.

Quality Coaching

What sets CrossFit Rockland apart from every other fitness facility is the quality of our coaching. This is simple: every athlete is treated as such – skillfully taught a range of movements and techniques, assisted, assessed and encouraged; the relationship between coach and athlete is a personal one, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all template that can be applied. Everything we do is scalable to an individual’s athletic ability.

Training athletes is not something that anyone can do; it takes passion, a keen eye, integral knowledge and interpersonal skills. You will find these qualities and more in all of the coaches at CrossFit Rockland. Our team of experienced and dedicated coaches has been carefully created to ensure all our athletes attain their maximum potential!


If our experience tells us anything, it’s that athletes work harder in a group setting. As coaches, we also know that it becomes more difficult to pay close attention to any athlete as that group size grows. Our classes strike the perfect balance between group size and personal attention – we impose a limit of 15 athletes per class with 1-2 coaches for any particular session.

With everyone under the watchful eye of a coach at any time, you will find the benefits of individualized attentiveness combined with a team spirit that demands greater effort!


The walls of CrossFit Rockland are testament to the hard work performed by every athlete that steps through the door. Our whiteboards are dynamic records of personal achievement forged from immeasurable sweat and strain. We believe it is paramount to document triumphs, failures and the effort injected into each endeavor in order to measure your growth as an athlete.

Not only are efforts measured against the clock, previous personal scores and fitness criteria, the incentive works better still when competing against fellow athletes at the same time! Time and again we see perceived limits being annihilated in the heat of battle to grind out those last few precious repetitions as the clock ticks down!

We celebrate the success of our athletes! We cheer, support, and encourage. It is quite common that those finishing last receive more praise than those finishing first! To us…that’s just the CrossFit way!


One thing you are sure to find at CrossFit Rockland is friends! We have found that there is no greater resource for support than each other. We train together, laugh together, cry together (only sometimes!) and succeed together. We frequently hold social gatherings, events, competitions, and anything else we can think of to keep everyone having fun!

Once you step through our doors you become part of something bigger. You become part of the not only the CrossFit Rockland family, but the CrossFit community as a whole! It is our mission to ensure that the journey and relationships built in the process are memorable. Training at CrossFit Rockland is not just fitness, but an experience!

This is CrossFit Rockland.

And we are….Taking Over Rockland County As Rx’d!!!